Success Stories


After a year long, she has found her forever home and is in training to be a service animal.


Paco found his perfect match with Hannah in Portland Oregon and is living it up.


Hunter has now three cat siblings and is loving his new home in Seattle.


Rusty landed his new family of six! two human siblings and two fur siblings in Portland.


Kobi found her parents in Seattle that are newly wed!


Lucy is currently in our foster to adopt program with her new mom in Seattle and we will be finalizing the adoption at the end of this month when she has been spayed.


Camila is loving her new life and mom in PDX.


Linus traveled half way the country and captured his mama’s heart in Bowen Island British Columbia CA. now he is enjoying life with his fur sister and family.


Suki is living with her two loving foster parents, Cheryl and Billy. She is waiting to be adopted, but from the videos and messages our foster parents share with me about her, you can tell that she is having a blast! They tell me that Suki is so fond of walking that she goes out to walk four times a day. Now, that’s a health-conscious dog with a love for the outdoors, for sure! After the trial month ended, her paperwork was finalized, and she was officially adopted and taken into the family.


She got adopted after three weeks of trial and now she’s spending her days at the yoga studio with her mom or at doggy daycare with her pals at Furpaws.


Tank is thriving with his new parents in WA and his new cat sister 🙂

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