Dev’s Paradise

A rescue for Pitbull and Chihuahua breeds as they are often stereotyped and euthanized in shelters and on the streets.

There’s Always a Reason Why People Decide to Do Something, and This is hers.

Devora’s love for dogs goes so deep that she decided to start rescuing dogs and putting them up for adoption. But everything starts from somewhere, meaning an event triggers a person’s passion to take action and do something about it.


“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling and emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.” — Thom Jones, Author

When Devora lost her dog, Prince Ali, a Pomeranian, she was devastated, and adding to it, was her ex, dealing with a drug addiction. Feeling alone, depressed, and isolated, she saw an ad for Mimi and brought her into her life. Soon after, Pickles joined the crew. Senor, a three-legged and unconfident dog that was underweight and weak at the time, joined the growing family again, that would soon go from 3 to 14.

Mimi healed her through the pain, Pickles taught her patience, love, and compassion, and Senor taught her to be a fighter. However, it was when she moved to Houston, her life completely changed. She volunteered at a local shelter where she wanted to experience looking after and walking a big dog. Even though she loved volunteering at the animal shelter, she was saddened to find out that they local shelter doesn’t accept Pitbull (as you know, Pitbull have garnered a bad reputation over the years). She decided to open both her heart and home to a Pitbull, rejected by the local shelter.

Pitbull are not the fierce dogs as everyone portrays them to be, but are sweet and loveable. The new addition to her family, a dog with a bad reputation and not accepted by the local animal shelter, motivated her to form a rescue group, one that didn’t discriminate between dog breeds.

Dev’s Paradise was super easy and wonderful to work with. We sent in our adoption application for Tank and less than 3 days later, we found out that we were approved for adoption! We were informed about everything going on every step of the way! When Tank finally arrived to us, it was clear that he was very well trained and it made the transition from homes super easy! He is easily one of the sweetest dogs we have had and we are so lucky to have Tank with us! Thanks, Dev’s Paradise!

Hi my name is Cheryl and my husband is Billy, after losing our dog Bosco , A corgi chow mix, rescued from a no kill shelter . after having him for 16 years we were ready to adopt another dog but not right away. It’s been 3 years now since we had to let Bosco go to Heaven. I found this animal rescue by chance and reached out to them. I had high demands and expectations—-they listened attentively to my request. During the same phone call they presented multiple dogs and recommended one in specific. Her name is Suki . We met two days later and there was no turning back! I immediately knew she was the dog for us! After having her two days I let the rescue know she found her new home! What a blessing these people are! They have offered to come out and help us train the dog, take her to the vet at no cost to us and anything else we might need in order to properly care for our new family member. Well this little girl needs no training…she is so anxious to please! At a tender age of just 1, she is quick to learn commands and even performing cute tricks! Our new addition was abandoned along with her  newborn pups and I Pray we can find her babies good homes and maybe even let them re-connect a time or two. Kudos to the people that rescue animals & have such big hearts! Please consider fostering one of these gems- I seriously doubt that you will give them back! That’s how well this rescue works! Rock on!

Cheryl & Billy

We were having trouble finding the right fit for our family until we met with Dev’s Paradise. All their staffs work with dogs all day and are very knowledgeable of pitbulls. They helped us select our forever pet and were with us every step of the way. If anyone wants to adopt a pitbull or chihuahua, I would definitely recommend Dev’s Paradise.

Trey M

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